Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Time to process

Thank you all for looking for my blog posts and sharing this experience with me. I'm sorry that my posts were few but we had extremely limited Internet during our time in Tanzania.

We are making our way back home and we have found a lounge in the Jomo Kenyatta airport with free wi-fi and my only Internet accessory right now is my iTouch. I think the power cord is toast. So I am blogging from my iPod.

Where to begin...

We have had the joy of reaching out to over 1000 children this week. But one was very special. I met my Sara on Friday. Sara is the most beautiful girl. We met and just held each other for a long time. She had dreamt a long te ago that I would come and it was my letter to her that I was coming.

Her good news- She is a Christian! Her whole family is saved. All of her siblings are in school. Sara starts college in the fall for Business Admin. and Tourism. Of all the gifts I gave her, the one that brought her to tears was MY Bible. It was the most important gift.

Her bad news - Two weeks ago she had malarial pneumonia and was in the hospital. Another girl in her same project had the same thing and she died. As I reviewed her records, I read that she has this same illness annually.

Experiencing that child visit day was like experiencing Heaven. For a few moments Believers of different colors and nationalities playing together and there was only joy and peace as we praised God together.

Sara wanted me to stay and never leave. But when I explained what I do for Compassion and the job before me, she hesitantly let me go.

And now I return. I'm more excited and focused on this ministry than ever before. Sponsorship changes and saves lives in EVERY way!

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We have had the joy of reaching out to over 1000 children this week