Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today was an absolutely God-filled day!

I signed up for the 3 hour bus ride across the bumpiest road you can imagine! We drove to the border of Kenya, to a predominately Massai tribal village/base. It was an incredibly difficult ride out there but so worth the destination!

We were there to put a roof on their school and plant trees. But because Compassion focuses on relationship, relationship, relationship - the work was secondary. I was glad because all I want to do is love on all these kids!

I went off to help plant trees and saw all these boys hanging around and I tried to greet them and get close to them... but it's likely I'm the first white person they've ever been that close to. But, a little candy goes a long way! I showed them the candy and said the Swahili word for candy - it's "Pee-Pee" (yes, we chuckled to!) and they came to me and before I knew it, I had a fan club! I took two of them by the hand and then another person joined our chain and then another... and another! We played for a long time and had so much fun!

I did make another special friend and his name is Dennisee. I think he was three years old. He was so sweet. He let me pick him up and he touched and clapped my hand. He was so precious. Everywhere we went, he was with me. He was my special Rafiki (friend).

Just loving on these children and laughing and playing with them. It's not something they EVER get from their homes because life is so hard. Love. Love. Love. That's what I'm here for.

One interesting observation between today and yesterday was in the obvious health and over all self-confidence between the children that I saw of these two communities. Yesterday I shared about Lucy and she lives in a semi-rural area outside of Arusha. Desperately poor. Today was a Massai village. The children of this Massai Village were obviously healthier. Their teeth were white and not stained brown. Their hair was not matted, or abnormally light brown. The children in Lucy's village had horrible teeth. Their hair was matted and their heads flattened from carrying water.

The difference is in their water. The Massai village partnered with Compassion and put in a water treatment system that serves the whole community. It's the bad water of Lucy's village that severely impacts their health. I will have side-by-side pictures that show the difference water makes in a village.

And tomorrow is the big day! I will meet Sara tomorrow!! I have a few last minute things I must do to be ready. But the excitement amongst my friends here is electrifying!

Till tomorrow... Andrea


Celia said...

Our household waits daily for your posts! We are wishing we were with you!!

Paulette said...

Dear Andrea, I am so touched by your love for the children and willing to reach out to them. God has truly gifted you! May you continue to let His light and love shine.

Received an email from Jessica today. A great blessing. Thank you for any part you had in making that happen!
In His love, Paulette